Damages due to fibre installations

eThekwini Municipality is working closely with fibre laying companies to remedy the numerous electricity cable and water pipes damaged during the laying of fibre optic cables in suburbs around eThekwini. The City is concerned about the damage to infrastructure and apologises to residents for the inconvenience even though the laying of fibre is done by private companies and is not a City project.

Although companies needed to apply to the Municipality for permission to lay the fibre, some companies neglected to do this. As a result, they were not aware of where electricity and water infrastructure were situated. The City has since engaged with fibre companies and made them aware of the procedure to submit their paperwork before any work can be approved. Fibre companies are also made aware of the location of power lines and water infrastructure, depending on where they will be working.

As per their agreement with the City, they are also liable for all damages incurred during the installations. A dedicated team of electricians and plumbers will be on standby to deal with any water and electricity faults. This will minimise the inconvenience experienced by residents and businesses. The Roads and Stormwater Maintenance Department has a dedicated Clerk of Works who monitors these contractors and ensures compliance on site. They are the first point of contact in the event of any damages or noncompliance. They are also entitled to stop work in case of major transgression. Residents who want to report or get more information about the fibre installations can call Roads and Stormwater Maintenance on 031 322 7241. All damages should be reported to this number as well, so that the offending parties can be dealt with.