City urges customers to pay for services

THE City understands the plight of those who have been financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers are urged to note that while eThekwini Municipality has shown compassion in these trying times, the City will not hesitate to implement the Credit Control Policy.

This includes the disconnect of services of customers who do not pay. The City implemented the Covid-19 Debt Relief Programme when the virus reached the country’s shores and has since extended it twice. The programme will now conclude on 30 June. Peet du Plessis, Head of Revenue Management said: “As a caring City, we decided to extend the programme so that more customers are able to benefit as well as reduce their debt considerably. We encourage customers to take full advantage of this option as no interest charges will be raised to their account.


A customer may benefit from the Covid-19 Relief Programme and enter into a payment plan agreement not exceeding 24 months, with the Municipality. Based on affordability, a down-payment of 10 percent to 25 percent of the total debt may be required to be paid upfront.

The historical interest accumulated will be written off. No future interest will be raised on this debt until it is paid in full, provided the customer complies with the conditions of the agreement. This option is open for all customers of eThekwini Municipality, business or residential.

Additionally, the Municipality has also considered the impact on the tourism sector and has developed a programme to assist with rates relief for bed and breakfast and guesthouse establishments. They will be granted an additional rebate of 14 percent and 39 percent respectively, totalling to 64 percent for each property category.

Du Plessis explained: “In the case of multiple-use properties, rates relief will apply only to the applicable rates categories allocated to the qualifying uses in question, as reflected in the valuation roll.” Du Plessis added that a property owner must be able to demonstrate loss of income by more than 60 percent and must attach supporting documents. However, properties registered in the name of or owned by an organ of the state, either partially or wholly, will not qualify for the rates relief.
This programme will also conclude on 30 June.