Your UIP, the official newsletter of the UIP Company was launched in November 2008 as a bi-monthly publication to promote and inform ratepayers/tenants/residents in the Central Business District Precinct (CBD), the North East Business Precinct (NEB) and the South Beach Precinct (SB) Precinct of snippets of activities that have occurred over a two monthly period. The newsletter is also used as a valuable medium to build awareness on inner-city specific issues and to promote activities and attractions within the CBD and beachfront areas.

The newsletter has a circulation of 3000 and is manually distributed to various ratepayers, tenants, and residents in the three precincts, as well as various Municipal Departments and SAPS. The services of a qualified journalist is utilised to research and interview topics of interest, and includes, design, production and print.

The centre pages of the four page newsletter is often used to inform the public of activities that have taken place in the Special Rating Areas, as well as to promote and inform the readers of the various municipal departments which we work closely with.

To date, we have produced 36 issues.