Poject 13

METRO Police Warden Officer Ashley Diedricks has been hailed a hero after
helping a woman deliver a healthy baby boy on the sidewalk on 16 February.
The woman went into labour while walking on Dr Pixely ka-Isaka Seme Street. A passer-by saw this and approached a nearby Metro Police officer for assistance. The officer then contacted Diedricks, who as a previous a paramedic and firefighter, would be able to help. Assessing the situation when he arrived on scene, Diedricks realised that the woman was very close to giving birth and would not make it to the hospital. Officers rushed to a nearby clinic for medical equipment to ensure they were prepared to help the woman deliver her baby. The officers then formed a human shield to protect the woman from onlookers, providing her privacy to deliver her baby. Diedricks is humble about the role he played, adding that he has helped deliver many babies before.

“I’m just happy I was able to help,” he said. Metro Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad said it was a joy to see officers go above and beyond the call of duty.