Precinct Ambassadors

The UIP Company’s Precinct Ambassadors are on the ground seven days a week in our three precincts, assisting visitors, residents, workers and homeless individuals. From providing directions to visitors, to aiding the inner city’s unsheltered population, this dedicated team helps keep our precincts clean, safe, welcoming and liveable.

Our well trained and distinctly uniformed precinct ambassadors provide customer service and wayfinding, transit information, safety escorts, referrals to human services, remove litter and debris from sidewalks, identify and report broken sidewalks, inoperative street lights and infrastructure, hazards and unsecured vacant property and, provide  public safety and crime prevention information to ratepayers.  They are our extra eyes and ears on the ground to provide a safety presence and contact police or first responders during emergencies. Together with our dedicated security teams, they work closely with Metro Police to monitor and maintain our public realm and report public nuisance, by law violations, suspicious and criminal activity.

As an integral part of the UIP Company’s Social Services Outreach Division, our precinct ambassadors also connect homeless and transient individuals with local social service providers, transport persons in need to services and collect meaningful demographic and behavioural data to track, analyze, and report programme results with a focus on measurable improvements, operational efficiencies, programme successes and areas for improvement. In addition, our tourism and hospitality team works with hotels and local businesses to promote tourist attractions to make Durban’s Inner City and Beachfront a cleaner, safer, more friendly and welcoming place.