Aims & Objectives

The UIP management team together with the security and cleaning contract managers continuously respond to the ever-evolving needs of the three precincts, whether it is service levels, criminal matters or special projects. Managing crime and grime remains the top priority in order to create a solid image and identity for the city, so that it may attract investment and tourism. The following aims and objectives underpin the core values of the UIP Company:
  • To provide a safe and clean environment in all three SRAs/Precincts.
  • To ensure adequate visibility of crime monitors to supplement SAPS and Metro Police presence.
  • To maximise the efficiency of our street sweepers ensuring DSW is well represented in the precinct to cope with the challenge of environmental sustainability.
  • To ensure efficient and speedy liaison with municipal departments to ensure best service levels are attained in dealing with security, lighting, landscaping, traffic lights, potholes, pavements, drain covers, DB covers, fencing, rubble and city refuse, and other areas that need attending to.
  • To improve the quality of lifestyle of ratepayers, tenants and residents by assisting them with specific issues that might impact on the value of their properties or living conditions.
  • To liaise with municipal management to put strategies in place which will lead to the upliftment of the precincts, stimulate new investment and create economic activity.
  • To ensure constructive monthly meetings are held with ratepayers, UIP contractors, Metro Police, SAPS, key municipal departments, such as DSW and Business Support to ensure issues are dealt with speedily and efficiently.
  • To build and maintain a network of better communication with all outside service providers.
  • To ensure the bi-monthly newsletter remains interesting, informative, educational, and is effectively distributed.
  • To extend our marketing reach, by exploring new mediums and marketing tools, especially when promoting or creating awareness on special projects.