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UIP Overview

UIP perform particular services that local governments may be unable or unwilling to provide, usually because of inadequate annual budgets. UIP goals and activities are diverse and seek to bring about desirable improvements benefitting the defined district as well as the city, town or county as a whole.

Improvements range from being simply cosmetic to significantly transformative. In addition to keeping an improvement district clean, safe, attractive and welcoming, UIP sometimes co-sponsor major urban projects. 


UIP staff help keep the improvement district cleaner than it might otherwise be, picking up and disposing of trash left on sidewalks and streets. UIP workers report potholes, malfunctioning streetlights and traffic signals, damaged pavements and signage, missing manhole covers and blocked drains, illegal dumping and other urban maintenance shortcomings.

Optimising municipal service levels and lobbying for investment in infrastructure is a core focus of our management team. For this reason the UIPCO conducts an audit of infrastructure faults: lights out, damaged signage, blocked sewers, pot holes, etc. on a daily basis. The faults are reported through the municipal fault reporting call centre and, if relevant, a photo of the fault is emailed to the responsible person at the municipality. If it is an urgent matter it is also followed up telephonically. Faults are logged on a UIPCO Management System and followed up on a regular basis until repaired. For this reason a large proportion of the UIP Management time is allocated to optimising municipal service delivery.

The UIPCO, on behalf of members and associate members, actively participates in the Municipal Planning Forum to ensure that property owners’ interests are brought to the fore at the planning phase of inner city environment and public area infrastructure. Importantly, the UIPCO’s two decades of experience gained from servicing public areas is fed back into design phase of upgrades with the aim of ensuring functionality and aesthetic design which is cost effective to service and maintain.

Public Safety

UIP security provides enhanced public safety. Increased street presence of recognizable UIP security staff in uniform is an effective deterrent to criminal activity and lawbreakers looking for victims, especially where police are less present and visible. People occupying and walking along streets often feel more secure with UIP workers in sight.

We adopt a proactive approach to security in our precincts with the focus on identifying possible criminal intent before it occurs and taking corrective action. The UIPCO’s Security Control Room and Monitoring Teams operate 24x7x365 and keep a beady eye on proceedings via our own CCTV surveillance network and is ably supported by our well managed rapid response security teams, Metro Police and SA Police Services with whom we maintain strong working relationships.

The UIPCO fulfils a vital role by integrating the various security entities and resources in the precincts, a key component of which is the Monthly Security Forum attended by law enforcement agencies, private security companies servicing UIP properties, property managers and municipal representatives. The aim of the forum is to proactively improve the level of security in our precincts through sharing intelligence and integrated operations. These meetings are minuted with a monthly UIPCO Crime Report and Crime Statistics provided for incidents reported to the UIP.

Enhanced Hospitality

UIP workers conducting housekeeping and improving public safety also interact with local citizens and tourists.

They greet visitors, make them feel welcome and help guide them destinations, facilities or activities.

Aesthetic Enhancement

UIP may actively advocate and promote civic arts and crafts installations in public spaces or on publicly visible private properties in the district. They call attention to and propose elimination of unsightly or blighted conditions adversely affecting properties and property values.

Aesthetic enhancement of district streets and neighbourhoods attracts more people to shop, work and live in the district.

Enhanced Identity

Enhanced identity and public awareness: All UIP services aim to promote and expand district business activity, thereby creating more jobs and furthering economic revitalization.

Raising the profile and elevating public awareness of a business district, locally and regionally, is a corollary objective of all the activities cited above. UIP can help brand or rebrand a district to impart a new, vibrant and more positive identity.