Managed Areas

Collectively, the UIP Management Company holds a database of over 1300 approved members in the three precincts, and controls a budget in excess of R7.6 million earmarked for the boundaries within these precincts.

As each new special rating area is formed, a Precinct Committee is elected from the ratepayers in that area, who then elect a chairperson to serve on the applicable Precinct Committee. The committee meets monthly. The Precinct chairperson attends the Board meeting every two months, and reports back on the relevant precinct activities. The three precincts operate independently to address the unique challenges of their respective areas – but are intrinsically linked by their common vision for the inner city.

The service providers responsible for the three precincts are:

Blue Ocean Urban Improvemenrt Security Services (031 301 0632)
Shanela Environmental Management Services (031 701 8030 / 083 303 4697)

Blue Ocean Urban Improvements Security Services

New security team, BOSS UIP Security Services took charge of the security in the South Beach Precinct from 1 April 2015. B.O.S.S. is a PSIRA accredited; South African owned Black empowered company. The experienced team has seen a massive improvement in the precinct, with growing confidence by residents living in the area. It’s trained and licensed close protection officers work extremely hard to deliver value and performance, and has transformed into one of Durban’s most efficient security companies through it’s commitment and service excellence.

A close working relationship between the South Beach Liaison Officer and B.O.S.S. employees ensures regular communication and effective action is taken to overcome the many problems associated with the South Beach. B.O.S.S. adheres to a self-posting policy but carries a compliment of dedicated reserve personnel. As the security personnel are the heartbeat of the organisation, they are selected based on the needs and requirements of the South Beach area.

Pro-active communication between the UIP ans B.O.S.S. is vital for the implementation and ongoing service in the area.

This includes:

Monthly reports detailing all aspects of security issues relating to the South Beach Precinct is submitted to the UIP Liaison Officer for review and is included in the UIP newsletter and website.

  • Regular visits are made to the SB Precinct site by a supervisor and where possible contact will be made with the site representative (for security) to assess the day to day running and to address and occurrences.
  • Weekly site visits are conducted by an assigned client service manager and a service call record form is completed and recorded in the UIP site file to ensure smooth running of all security operations.
  • Regular communication is maintained with all stakeholders, and a Whatsapp group has been set up to also include residents in the area, so that crime when reported, is immediately acted uopn.

Shanela Environmental Management Services

If you happen to be in the South Beach UIP area on any late night or early morning, you are most likely to be greeted by the friendly faces and the eye-catching yellow and grey uniforms of the UIP/Shanela street cleaning team. Max, Leonard, Petros, Moses, Annah, and Vela make up the team of six who have been working this area for the past six years. They are responsible for the daily clean-up of the area bordering Rutherford Street, Gillespie Street, Dr Pixley KaSema (West) Street , and OR Tambo Parade.

The team uniform underwent a facelift, from green vests to branded UIP jackets, for greater visibility at night.

Shanela Environmental Management (Pty) Ltd is a registered and accredited Level 3 BBBEEE Company with 74% black ownership. The Shanela team has been entrusted with cleaning the South Beach precinct for the past eight years, and has made a noticeable difference in the area.

It is headed by CEO, Billy Mthembu and managed daily by Paul Burmeister. As UIP service provider, Shanela provides an essential top up service to DSW, with whom they work closely. This includes litter collection points and coordinated pavement/street washing. According to Paul, “One of our main challenges is the education (in partnership with local councils) of young people in an effort to make them litter wise. We also work hand-in-hand with the Siyabuya Security team in the South Beach UIP, as we believe crime and grime are gold partners.”

So, the next time you are in this area, help the team by using the bins and keep the area litter free!

The Shanela cleaning cycle begins at 11pm daily and ends at 6am each day. The team cleans 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. As an essential top up service, Shanela works closely with DSW to ensure the beachfront is pristine and attractive. Arrangements are also made with them for regular pavement washing.

One of the key objectives for 2016 is to ‘beat the budget’ and reduce the number of bags collected, by educating the public to use the bins, instead of dropping litter on the ground.


  • Visitors who continue to be inconsiderate and litter.
  • Public holidays and school holidays become difficult as buses and taxis often offload their litter onto the street.
  • Residents and stakeholders in the UIP are very proud of their area, and awareness is the key.
  • By-law enforcement is essential for improvement.

Shanela Environmental Management Manager, Paul Burmeister
+ Tel: 031 701 8030/083 303 4697
+ Email: