Safety and Cleaning Tips

On the Street

  • Do not wear flashy and visible jewellery.
  • Be cautious with your valuables, e.g. camera or laptop.
  • Do not walk and talk on your cellphone.
  • Do not place your handbag, briefcase, or shopping bags on the pavements.
  • If you have been pickpocketed, take note of the criminals’ shoes. In many cases, pickpocketers steal an item, and then appear again later with different clothes – but in most cases the shoes are the same.
  • Be aware of the persons around you.
  • Avoid over-crowded ATMs, pavements, or stores.
  • Avoid isolated, dark places.
  • Use credit and debit cards where possible and only carry small amounts of cash.
  • Encourage visitors to get advice from their hotel before embarking on foot or for details of safe and reliable public transport.
  • Store all emergency numbers on your cellphone, so it can be easily accessible when needed.
  • Do not disclose any personal information to people who you have just met.

In the Car

  • Always know where you are going; keep all doors locked and if necessary leave your windows open about 5 cm.
  • Don’t use your cellphone while driving and, with caution, if you have a ‘hands free kit’.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers or offer strangers a ride in your vehicle.
  • Lock all valuables in your boot and don’t cover your handbag, cellphone, or laptop with a jacket or towel.
  • Be vigilant when stopping at traffic lights and observe pedestrians, especially those who are walking between vehicles at intersections.
  • If possible have ‘Smash and Grab’ protection fitted to your windows.
  • If you are lost or need information, look out for a uniformed policeman or for a UIP Crime Monitor in their bright orange uniforms.

In your Store

  • Display your Shop Theft Policy boldly on your windows and inside your store.
  • Train your staff to be attentive and alert.
  • Keep valuable merchandise under lock and key and away from store exits.
  • Monitor and update your internal security.

Metro Police and SAPS Safety Tips

  • Be careful when using ATM’s as the SAPS warns of a device that is being used by criminals to card swap at exceptional speed. Do not be distracted by anything or anybody when drawing money!
  • Do not leave valuables lying around on car seats or in full view of criminals.
  • When going to swim, do not leave goods unattended or bury them in the sand. There are unknown criminals all around watching for an opportunity.
  • Do not hide your car keys under rocks or anywhere on the beach. Thieves do not need to make an effort to steal your car, but just drive off with it.
  • Ensure that vehicle doors are locked and windows are fully closed.
  • If you are using your cell phone to take pictures, do so quickly and by observing your surroundings. If you are using a standard camera, make sure the straps are secure around your neck to avoid snatching.
  • Don’t make yourself a target by standing out – blend in with the crowd.
  • Do not bring large groups of children to the beach, unless you have sufficient child-minders. This not only leads to lost children, but danger in the water.
  • Parents, watch your kids at all times.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in an area – leave!
  • Do not argue with a criminal during a hijacking or theft.
  • Try to remain calm at all times.
  • Report crime.

Valuable Cleaning Tips

  • Restaurants and food outlets should provide visible refuse bins, with bin liners in and near their premises and insist that patrons use them.
  • Visible signage should be displayed in restaurants and stores to educate customers about litter.
  • Traders and shop owners must discard waste correctly.
  • Do not throw litter from your cars, your premises or on the street.
  • If you witness someone littering, do not hesitate to point them to the nearest litter bin.