Services Provided

  1. To address concerns of ratepayers and tenants by providing avenues for them to voice their requirements and concerns and to network and engage with various stakeholders olders to help fast track service delivery.
  2. Inhibit crime by working closely with safety and security partners.
  3. Identifying and rectifying snags throughout the inner city.
  4. Keeping the three precinct boundaries clean through collaborative projects with Durban Solid Waste (DSW).
  5. To implement special ad-hoc projects in support of municipal campaigns.
  6. To address the social and economic challenges in the inner city, particularly illegal traders, street children and abortion stickers.
  7. To foster long-term strategic partnerships with the various municipal departments in order to increase property values and improve investor confidence.

Regular walkabouts by the UIP and, on occasion, with service providers and city officials, are done to compile an active list of problem areas in the inner city. The UIP works closely with municipal structures to ensure that urgent items are addressed immediately so that the business and social life of the city is not affected.

Performance Areas

Address concerns of ratepayers, and tenants Record matters that are raised. Monitor resolution of issues, and record reason for unresolved issues each month. Number of resolved matters each month.
Inhibit crime Guard and patrol the area. Number of incidents reported by category each quarter.
Keep precinct clean Collect refuse. Number of bags collected each quarter.

Thanks to the continued networking by our UIP teams, we are pleased our partnerships with many key role-players are strengthening, which helps us fast-track services to our members. The result is evident in illegal trader prosecutions, improving our visibility so you can locate us when needed, and our genuine concern for the growth of our city and your business, by regularly promoting inner city attractions.

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Partners Include:

Without the support of our partners the work of the UIP will not be possible. The following are some of our partners that we work closely with.

Others Include: